Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Me-Made-March '11 - Day 2

It is freezing in Toronto. I went out tonight in this get-up, I think it was 25 below. I am going to die this month.

Skirt - Simplicity 4047. (Project Runway fans will note the Giant Houndstooth - this was my Mondo tribute after the ridiculous finale.

Inner top - Selfish-Seamstress-inspired minimalist cowl.

Outer top - An oldie - Simplicity 4076. I seem to have lost this pattern - very annoying! At some point, I must organize stuff properly.


AllisonC said...

Great outfit. I would be wearing more than 2 tops at 25 below!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. Love the skirt especially. I would probably have to wear a heavy blanket for an outfit in such weather.