Monday, March 28, 2011

Me-Made-March Days 23-28

Another week, more catch-up photos. I've decided it's a lot easier doing this in chunks vs. daily, in any case.

Day 23 (Wednesday):
I got a ton of compliments on this shirt. The silk cotton fabric is really pretty!
Shirt: McCalls 6035
Skirt: BWOF 12-2009-112

Day 24 (Thursday):
Lazy dressing. This feels as comfortable as sweatpants, but is a slight upgrade.
Black pants - McCalls 5890
Red flowered t-shirt - BWOF 02-2008-123.

Day 25 (Friday):
Talk about low-effort. Pull out pants from yesterday, add twinset to it. Be dressed in less than 5 minutes. It was Friday, what can I say?
Flowered twinset - the inner shell is McCalls 4923 (now OOP, I never reviewed the inner shell on the blog, only because I still need to put buttons on the cardigan.)
Cardigan, some basic t-shirt pattern, can't remember which one.
Black pants - McCalls 5890
With a purple scarf, to make it different from the almost-identical outfit I wore in Day 15.

Day 26 (Saturday):
One of the rules about de-cluttering is to pack things away, and then never open the boxes again, right? Yeah, I failed that rule. Way back during a rather ruthless closet purge, I'd packed a box filled with clothes. I never did drop them off at a reuse center, and on Saturday, I opened the box to find this dress. I promptly pulled it out and wore it. De-cluttering fail.
Dress: McCalls 5699

Day 27 (Sunday):
I spent most of my day in my nightclothes. Bad Reethi. I did get out of them in order to go to a local bar to swap beer with a fellow beer geek, and I wore this green dress for that. It has become a bit snug (yes, the gym, I hear it exists), and I was pretty happy to get out of it post-beer-swap. No pictures though.

Day 28 (Monday):
The skirt was a super-easy project from a thrift-store fabric find. I think I made it in Dec 2010? Jan 2011? Not long ago. The fabric was all pleated, and the directions had me either add elastic or a waistband to it. I opted for a waistband and an invisible zipper, but it still was a super quick project. The length is a bit longer than my usual skirt length, only because the hem was pre-serged, and if I want to shorten it, I'll have to hem it, and I'm just too lazy, let's be honest here.
Grey t-shirt: Simplicity 4076.
Skirt: No pattern used, as described above.

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anuradha said...

I LOVE the red shirt and the grey and yellow skirt!