Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me-Made-March '11 - Day 8 & Day 9

Before I get too far behind, let's catch up...

Day 8 - Deeply uninspired and color-less

Funny story with the pants. I made them in October, and have never worn them. Not because they fit badly, though that is true as well, but because I'm convinced Biscuit peed on them. They've been through the wash twice, but nope, still convinced they smell of pee. All day at work, I kept smelling myself suspiciously, convinced I smelt of cat pee. (Yes, people, I'm the crazy girl at work, who wears scarves all the time for warmth, and smells like cat pee.)

Anyway, I wore them to work, but in the evening, I had to go out, and changed into this skirt instead. (My co-workers might be too polite to tell me I smell like cat pee, but my friends are less discreet.)

Pants - Simplicity 2700
Top - a Frankenpattern with the front and sleeves of McCalls 6069, and the back of a plain t-shirt pattern (I used McCalls 4923).

Day 9 - Much better.

Are we getting tired of this cardigan yet?

White t-shirt: Simplicity 4076
Mustard skirt: Simplicity 4047, getting its first wearing on the blog
Grey cardigan: McCalls 5890.


Marina v.K. said...

funny story! YOu are really dedicated to MMM. I find the most difficult part is taking pictures. But you look great! I remember you accessory contest entry on PR - liked it very much.

Claire S. said...

Your outfits look great - one of these days I'll have enough piece to attempt a me-made month.

A hint on the cat pee - almost all of the enzymatic sprays for pet accidents can be sprayed on your clothes or added to your laundry - give Simple Solutions a try, spray your pants and add 1/2 cup or so to your wash load. You can pick it up at PetSmart and it doesn't smell like cleanser (at least to my nose, I smell something close to 'almond')