Friday, April 01, 2011

Me-Made-March - Days 29-31

Day 29 (Tuesday): Pants! This fabric is insane, it attracts lint like you would not believe. I de-linted before I left home, and was covered in fluff by the time I got to work (a 10 minute walk.) Ugh.
Top: Selfish-Seamstress-inspired minimalist cowl. I did wear my McCalls 5890 black cardigan over it, but I'm sick of photos with the black cardigan, so I took it off for the photo.
Pants: Simplicity 2700

Day 30 (Wednesday):

No photos, but I wore this grey BWOF 10_2009_115 dress with a purple scarf. I like this dress a lot standing up, but whenever I sit down, the dress rides up, and the neck is just too revealing. I need to either tighten or loosen something, but I've no idea what. The potential for wardrobe malfunction is the reason this dress hasn't been worn so far this month. (And until I fix something, won't get worn again. I'm afraid to bend over my desk. Crazy! I work, I generally am sitting down at meetings all day. Constantly tugging at my dress to get it to behave is very unprofessional.)

Day 31 - Thursday:
I had all day work meetings today, and I needed to look super-professional. I really should have been wearing a suit, but since I have no self-sewn ones, and I didn't want to blow off Me-Made-March on the last day, I wore this outfit instead. A total repeat of day 9. It would have been fine if I had a grey jacket, but the cardigan was probably a bit too informal for work meetings. Sigh.

I do own a couple of jackets, of course, and while I could sew one - I have traditionally not bothered since (a) I rarely use them, (b) my RTW wardrobe will suffice and (c) until my RTW wardrobe wears out, I see no point of sewing something to replace something that doesn't need replacing. (This is also the reason why I don't tend to sew pants, except now, my RTW pants are a bit worse for wear, and do need to be replaced.)

White t-shirt: Simplicity 4076
Mustard skirt: Simplicity 4047
Grey cardigan: McCalls 5890.

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