Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Woolen Fabric Scrap Quilt Top

I haven't traced or cut anything out after the birthday dress, but over the weekend, I did cut and sew up this quilt top.

I made it with leftover scraps from the various woolen garments I've been sewing. This skirt, this skirt, this skirt, and a whole lot more. In the upcoming days/weeks, I'll quilt it up (super simple lines, of course) and it'll make a great cold-weather blanket to snuggle under. (And since it still appears to be winter in Toronto, I'll be able to use it this season as well! Bah!)

Of course, the instant a quilt is laid out, anywhere in the world, little Biscuit is there to check it out and sit on it. So adorable!


cidell said...

I think that's a terrific idea! I love the way all the wools look. Plus, it'll have sentimental value.

Anonymous said...

Biscuit and any other cat!

Summerset said...

Smart kitty - she knows something good when she sees it!

anuradha said...

Spoilt to the extreme,BUT very cute!