Monday, January 23, 2012

A black & tan shirt (modified BWOF 02-2011-114) & deorphaning a skirt

I finished this little shirt a while back - cut it out over Christmas, finished it in early January, but I kept postponing taking a photo - I was hoping for daylight, outside photos. Finally, in the end, I just gave up - inside photos are boring, but I'm not going outside in short sleeves for the sake of my art...

This shirt was made with a modified BWOF 02-2011-114 pattern. Basically, I eliminated the horizontal seam in the front and back, and and cut both front pieces as one piece, and both back pieces as one piece. I also eliminated the short sleeves, and just hemmed out the cut-on sleeve instead.

I love this fabric. I bought it when shopping with Connie, Claire and Sue over the summer. This was exactly what I'd envisioned when I bought the fabric - but, such is the backlog of projects that it took 6 months for me to make a 1-dot BWOF pattern. Sigh.

Now - the de-orphaning. I've had this cream skirt in my wardrobe for a few years - but I've never worn it very much - mostly because the only top that suggests itself is a cream, which I'm afraid I'll spill things on, or a black, which is super-boring. As I was standing in front of my closet though, I had a bit of a brain-wave - what if I pair the stripes with the plaid?

Dear readers, I'm a pretty safe and boring dresser - this was almost crazy-talk for me. But, oddly enough, it works. And a co-worker even mentioned she really liked my outfit, so, bonus all around. Perhaps the skirt will get worn more often now.


Clio said...

An orphan, a new top and a successful fashion risk all in one = triple bonus!

Janine said...

the combination of diagonal and horizontal stripes and the colours make this a good combination. Your skirt looks like burberry too.