Thursday, January 19, 2012

SWAP 2012 - a plan to get it done

Dear readers, as you saw in my post yesterday, I'm easily distracted. If I'm to complete my 2012 SWAP (and I do! I need wardrobe basics!), I needed a PLAN.

So, I pulled out Excel, filled in the weeks, and made a plan. I'm already done with my two blouses (I think...), so up next would be two pairs of pants.

I've allocated the entire month of February to work on my raincoat - simply because I think it will be the most challenging thing I've made - both in terms of complexity, and in terms of sheer fuss. In addition, I don't have a pattern for this. Any suggestions? I've 4 years of past Burda issues to look through, and I could snoop shop RTW for this as well.

In March, my feeling is that I'm going to be sick of major projects, so March is about the easy quick wins. Skirts, t-shirts and a hoodie.

And I'll finish with another complex project, a lined suit jacket in April.

Which is, on paper, a good mix between long meaningful projects (which I should do more of) and quick instant-gratification projects (which I do all the time.)

In general, I'm a great planner but am terrible at follow-through. I'm counting on you, dear Readers. If you see me talk about some sewing that isn't on the plan - call me out, will you?


Clio said...

Have you ever noticed that Excel seems to add legitimacy and authority to everything you enter into a spreadsheet? I shall do my best to call you out if necessary!

Corrine said...

I love a girl with a plan and a list. However, I fully understand the great plans, and slow completion rate. I consider myself a sprinter. I start out strong but sometimes the distance bogs me down. But I have learned to rationalize this over time. A plan is required, or, nothing gets done. Doing things well is just as important doing lots of things. I like your plan of alternating complex and simple projects. Life goes on no matter what our sewing plans. And because it is your list, you can adjust it, add to it, or delete it. Looking forward to tracking your progress, good luck.