Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The quest for the perfect casual t-shirt: McCalls 6566 - version 2

As you may recall, I made my first version of McCalls 6566 at my cousin's. I cut out a medium, sewed it up, decided I looked like a complete and utter frump, did what I could to salvage it.

Still, I thought it was worthy of another shot, and here it is.

This time around, I cut a Small. I took 2 inches off the length, and 1.5 inches off the length of the sleeves.

Verdict - so close! Ok, I like the sizing, it has that casual slouchiness that I think I'm going for. The only thing I'll nitpick about is the length - which is more obvious when you see the back - that hem is too long. 2 additional inches shorter, I think.

I'll save that for the hypothetical version 3.

But hey, I've sewn 3 things so far in September? Even if they are easy, easy pieces? Three is a good number. I like three.


Jean C. said...

Yep, they always say Third times the charm! Lol... hang in there, you'll make it "your's" yet! I do love the color on you though; and it's looking better. Your your own worst critic! Keep up the good attitude though, this is the 3rd item you've made in Sept. you've got me beat! I'm still working on a quilt I started in July for a wedding that took place in June! At least I'm to the tieing stage! So much to do in sooo little time!

Carolyn said...

It looks great! You could always take it up a little higher at the back it you do feel it's too long, but I really like the length on you :)