Monday, September 23, 2013

Simplicity 2246 - The Lisette Traveler Dress

I can't remember when I started this dress. I'm going to say - June. In any case, this dress was on my table when my ex-machine went away to be serviced, and came back in bits and pieces.

Then, I bought a replac

ement machine, and started a different project.

Then I needed buttons.

Then, my serger was threaded with white thread, not black.

Basically, I procrastinated and procrastinated about this dress, but it is finally done.

I made a size 10 on top, size 12 on the bottom. Shortened it as needed, etc. I wish I remembered more, but this dress got done over many months. It was easy enough to sew, but it did have many steps. The fabric was a gift from my aunt and uncle, a couple of years ago. (Again, stashbusting, yay!)

I didn't sew the fabric belt. I've decided the fabric belts that come with sewing patterns are just not flattering. Even the pattern photo has the model wear a store-bought belt - that should say something.

Minor quibble - looking at the photo - the top pockets are clearly too high.

Slightly not-so-minor quibble - the damn dress shrank in the wash. 100% cotton. Should have known better - next time, I'll prewash.

I'm now down to 2 WIPs on my table from the summer. One just needs hemming, the other, buttons. It's amazing how I can procrastinate on the simplest tasks, really.


SEWN said...

Cute dress! Love that color on you!

Kristy said...

Yay for getting a UFO done, and only having two more WIPs to do! I know it means more work but I think you should put that pocket a little bit lower, because otherwise this is a fantastic dress

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is a great color on you and it fits wonderfully! I understand the seems like those last little finishing bits take the most time and are the least fun. Good job on getting this off the table!

KayoticSewing said...

Cute dress, Reethi!!

AllisonC said...

The dress looks great on you, the colour and style are just right. I'm really loving the look of shirtdresses at the moment.

John said...

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