Thursday, December 24, 2009

Myrtle Beach Cooking

Read more here about the Madhur Jaffrey project - one of my 2010 goals. For an index of recipes, click here.

I brought the cookbook with me to Myrtle Beach, of course, and have been cooking dinner for family. (It is the only thing I do that resembles work - this is a *very* lazy vacation.)

Here's what I've been cooking:

For the trip down, in order to avoid eating pizza the entire drive, I made basmati rice with chana dal and dill. This is a pretty simple recipe, but lots of pre-work and planning is required. It needs Delicious Stock, which I'd made a couple of weeks ago, and pulled from the freezer. It also needs lots of pre-soaking (3 hours worth of it.) However, I had most of Sunday to get this done, so, it worked out ok.

Sunday, Dec 20, 2009 - Basmati rice with Chana Dal and Dill.

Last night for dinner, I made Sweet and sour okra with chickpeas. It was delicious, and took very little time to cook. We ate this with store bought roti and rice.

Dinner, Dec 23, 2009 - Sweet and sour okra with chickpeas.

And today, for Christmas Eve, I cooked up a bit of a storm. I hoped for leftovers, but no such luck. It is all gone.

Dinner, Dec 24, 2009: (from top left to bottom right) Rice with sauteed onions and mushrooms, Zucchini stuffed with fresh coconut and chinese parsley, Spiced buttermilk to eat with Indian rice dishes and Haak (Collard greens).

I'm pretty pleased with cooking progress.

And, I now leave you with a parting wish for a Happy Holidays, and a parting image. As seen in our hotel lobby on the drive over, in Grove City, PA. I must buy one.

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anuradha said...

Dinner was indeed EXCELLENT!!

p.s.hope you find a sewing machine soon!