Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Me-Made-May - Day 5

Suddenly, my wardrobe has doubled. Maybe even tripled.

Hot of the sewing machine, my white t-shirt. Wow. I love white t-shirts, they go with everything.

T-shirt - Simplicity 4076, view C. Piece 1 of the mini-wardrobe.
Skirt - Simplicity 4036
Store-bought scarf.

I was trying for an action shot - I went to a restaurant that had a vegan tasting menu for dinner, but the only person I was comfortable enough asking to take my picture (its a pretty random request, don't you think?) was seated in a different table. Hence, pictures taken on auto-settings in my apartment corner.


AllisonC said...

Your earlier post made me realise I have a lot of print separates in my wardrobe too. Good to know it can be easily fixed!

anuradha said...

Your speed and efficiency have increased!One for me too.....