Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Me-Made-May - Days 24, 25, 27, 28, 30

I have a few photos to re-take, but I have kept track of what I wore. Mostly by the easy method of not putting away the clothes I wear. ;)

Day 24 - Monday: Monday was blissful. It was Victoria Day here. I lounged around at home, sat on my balcony enjoying the perfect weather, and did very little else. This dress is an oldie - it is McCalls 5621. Supremely comfortable, and yet, nice enough to leave the house in.

Day 25 - Tuesday: I haven't worn this Butterick 5173 dress much. It needs a slip, and I don't have one the right length. Plus the gathers aren't the most flattering, etc. Nonetheless, I pulled it out wore it. (And kept worrying about my slip showing all day - very annoying!)

Day 27 - Thursday (day): Hey - the black skirt (McCalls 5817) again. Paired with my blue Simplicity 2938 top (which is really a bit shapeless, and should be worn under a suit or something.)

Day 28 - Thursday (evening): Navy-blue McCalls 5817 pants - recently finished, paired with an old Simplicity 2938 top. (Yes, I did indeed wear the same pattern twice in a row.)

Day 29 - Saturday (evening): I did wear another me-made outfit during the day (will post a photo soon), but in the evening, I was going out, and switched to this McCalls 4444 dress. This dress remains one of my favorite dresses, and I should really make another version of it soon.

Day 30 - Sunday: Hey - haven't we seen this before? Evidently this McCalls 5621 dress is my lounge-around-do-very-little dress, although in fact on Sunday, I did actually do stuff. (I saw MSF's refugee camp recreation and went to a friend's house for dinner, where the lack of shape in this dress was very useful as I ate my body-weight in food.)

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